St. Rose Philippine Duchesne School
Garnett, KS
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Summer hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am - 2pm. Enrollment August 1. St Rose Family and Friends Pool Party Aug 6. First Day of School August 17


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Our Mission

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic School

Collaborating with our families and our parishes to form each child into a disciple of Jesus Christ and help them reach their full spiritual, intellectual and human potential through God’s grace.



"You may dazzle the mind with a thousand brilliant discoveries of natural science; you may open new worlds of knowledge which were never dreamed of before; yet, if you have not developed in the soul of the pupil strong habits of virtue which will sustain her in the struggle of life, you have not educated her, but only put in her hand a powerful instrument of self-destruction." 


~St. Rose Philippine Duchesne



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